1. "She read books quickly and compulsively, paperback after paperback, as if she might drift away without the anchor of the printed page."
    — Jane Hamilton (via duttonbooks)

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  3. Life.

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  4. pokeysmon:

    hey im gonna give away a new pikachu 3ds because why the fuck not plus my pokemon blog is about to make its grand opening and i need to give something away yeah!!

    • a pikachu 3ds
    • a cute pikachu charm 
    • pokemon x and y yes both (if a new pokemon game comes out before this ends, you will get that too)
    how to enter:
    • must be following me and non ( this kid chucked in like 150 are you kidding me )
    • reblog this post as many times as you want it increases your chances and one like counts
    • make sure you have your legal guardian’s consent in case you’re under 18 year olds & know this isn’t sponsored my tumblr nor nintendo and isn’t endorsed by either.

    this ends the 21st of june 2014 good luck guys!!

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  5. Gotta catch ‘em all! (em Peregrino da Alvorada)


  6. "People might tell you that reading is a way to hide from the world, and sometimes it can be, but in my experience, people who love books are also interested in myriad other things. They love music and movies and travel food and (gasp!) even television. As a friend of mine says, books make you a glutton for life. They show you how much there is to be experienced in the world. So let them do that. Let them make you curious. Let them make you hungry. Let them give you more questions than answers."
    — Rebecca Schinsky’s 5 Reading Rules for Book Lovers of All Ages on the Reading Rainbow Blog (via sevenletterswithay)

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  7. jpgaelzer:


    Morning Strolls, inspired by Miyazaki-sensei and his friends

    Up for a stroll?

    - martin


  10. evangelionwillneverend:



    on the very moment it turned into the year of shinji ikari, i hit my 1k. SO as a thanks to everyone i’m doing a mega mecha giveaway!! here’s whatcha get.

    • an eva 01 backpack
    • an eva 01 figurine
    • a radical sweatshirt(you don’t have to get the one pictured above, you can choose any design you want)
    • neon genesis evangelion: perfect collection(dvds)
    • a nerve bento box


    • must be following me
    • reblogs and likes are okay
    • no giveaway blogs
    • be okay with giving me your address if you win

    happy reblogging and good luck!!! giveaway ends march 27th!


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